What do I need to get started?

All you will need is a playable guitar and a electronic tuner. If you don’t have a guitar and or a tuner I can advise you of several inexpensive options.

What kind of guitar do you recommend?

I suggest a steel string guitar as they are most suitable to modern styles of music. The guitar should fit the student, and be playable. Good beginner quality guitars are at all the major music retailers in the area, and are generally in the $150.00 to $200.00 range . Bargains can be found at garage sales, and pawn shops for less, though care should be taken to ensure they are of sound quality and playability. If you are contemplating the purchase of your first guitar, I will be happy to discuss “what to look for in a guitar” with you.

Should I start with an electric or acoustic guitar?

Either one is fine. Bring what you have, or the instrument that best suits the type of music you want to play!

Are there any styles you don’t teach?

The fundamentals of guitar playing are the same for all styles of guitar playing.  A “G” chord is a “G” chord no matter if it’s played in the context of a Heavy Metal song or Jazz ballad. So if you are a beginner we can get you well down the road to your personal guitar goals.  However, there are certain techniques that are used in different genres that are specific to that type of music. If you are an intermediate student wishing to advance your technique in Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass or Heavy Metal, The Howlinfish School of Guitar is probably not for you, but I can help you find a tutor that will be suitable for the type of music you wish to study. Don’t hesitate to contact me. If I can can help you I will!

Is it possible to take single lessons without signing up for a regular time slot?

Yes, just call for availability. If I have an opening, I’ll be glad to have you. My hourly rate for single lessons is  $60.00 per hour.

Can you come to our home to teach?

Possibly. If your are interested in in home lessons just give me a ring and we can discuss the details and logistics.